Triglav Trail Run is a unique trail running experience, a real adventure high in the mountains of Julian Alps. It’s a trail running festival in Slovenia with one of the finest trail running races. It offers a combination of excellent trails and marvellous natural surroundings of Triglav National Park. You are welcome to join us on the 23th – 25th of August, 2024.

Triglav Trail Run is a trail running race around Mount Triglav (2.864m) – a massive of pure rock! It’s one of the most picturesque mountains and trail runs that take place in the area. Steep mountain walls, narrow hiking trails, comfortable mule tracks, which were dug into the upright slopes, open ridges and valleys with high alpine lakes, give the run a very special charm. And also, it offers the greatest degree of complexity and responsibility!


Triglav Trail Run is the only trail running event that takes place in the central area of the Julian Alps and Triglav Park.

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The Julian Alps are a unique mountain range, where in the central area – the highest and most diverse part – the Triglav National Park is located. Here, nature is especially beautiful, hard to access and unique. The very heart of the park is Mount Triglav, which is, with its 2.864 meters, considered the highest mountain of the Julian Alps.

The Julian Alps cover an estimated 4.400 km2. They are divided into the Eastern and Western Julian Alps. There are many peaks in the Eastern Julian Alps, which are over 2.000 m high, and they are mainly parts of ridges. The most prominent peaks are well visible due to their height and size. The king of this mountain range is Mt Triglav, the symbol of the Slovenian nation.

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Julian Alps Trail Running
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Trail Running in Julian Alps

Mojstrana village, with Slovenian Alpine Museum, is the start and finish line of the Triglav Trail Run. Runners will have four courses to choose from: longer, 78 kilometres and three shorter, 44 kilometres, 26 kilometres and 12 kilometres. Each runner will have to overcome 4.450+ metres of height difference on the longer Triglav Trail Run course, 3.170+ metres on the Triglav Lakes Run route and 1.350+ metres on the shorter Vrata Valley Run route. Slovenian Alpine Museum Run is a shorter run and suitable for any runner. Courses are mainly on walking paths with some forest trails along the way.

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