Triglav Festival Ambassadors

Exceptional People and Friends

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Saša Črtalič

Trail Runner / Athlete

Saša is a girl with extraordinary energy, full of sincere joy and smiles. She is an enthusiastic athlete, a passionate runner, a fitness instructor and a girl of challenges.

triglav trail run festival slovenia

Luka Kovačič

Trail Runner / Skier

A top mountain runner, touring skier and a man of big goals, he says: “Don’t look back, live for today and believe that you can move mountains with positive energy”. (p.c. Siniša Kanižaj / Red Bull Content Pool)

festival trailrun slovenia matic

Matic Gobec

Trail Runner / Skier 

A passionate skier, but he is not just anyone; Matic is a skier for large freeride lines. When he is not skiing, he prefers to run and sets himself goals and challenges. He is an open-hearted man with an exceptional sense of his surroundings.

triglav run festival slovenia

Nejc Kuhar

Mountain Runner / Skier

An experienced touring skier, mountain runner, a passionate alpinist and also a mountain rescuer. Above all, a great lover of mountains and passionate about activities in the mountains.

triglav trail running alps slovenia

Matjaž Čampa

Trail Runner / Explorer

Matjaž is a runner who likes to discover new paths with friends. He ran the famous trail around Mont Blanc (UTMB). Running and exploring the world is his lifestyle, but when he has no goal in front of him, he easily indulges in laziness.

trail running festival in slovenia alps

Žiga Šter

Mountain Guide / Alpinist

A mountain lover, alpinist, mountain guide and touring skier. Above all, a man with an extraordinary feeling for a fellow human being, always smiling and ready to help.


Miha Podgornik

Outdoor Enthusiast

A person who loves activities in nature, including running (mostly long distances). Sometimes he sets himself more difficult sports challenges such as Spartathlon, Jungle Marathon, crossing Greenland. The experience of overcoming difficult obstacles is invaluable to him.


Barbara Trunkelj

Mountain Runner / Cyclist

An outdoor enthusiast, always full of energy and drive, eager for every mountain adventure.


Katja Kegl Vencelj

Runner / Mom

A lover of running, long cross-country hiking adventures, nature, hills, trails and movement in general, and above all, a mother to two little naughty girls.


Robert Kereži

Ultra Trail Runner / Explorer

His passion is long multi-day stage self-sustaining runs on a wide variety of terrains. From mountains, deserts to primeval forests. His motto is “Impossible is just a word.”


Borut Rojc

Ultra Runner / Ultra Enjoyer

He loves Ultra challenges, where it’s not the time that counts, but the distance. Last year he ran the Tor des Geants with 350 km and 25,000 altitude meters. Mountains and movement in nature mean everything to him.


Žiga X Gombač

Runner / Storyteller

He perceives running and everything around him as relaxation and fun. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. “The Triglav Trail Run will certainly be a real adventure, a kind of return to oneself. I can not wait!”


Marjan Zupančič

Mountain Runner / Touring Skier

A runner, skier and triathlete who has a sports career spanning 35 years.

spela bokal ttr ambasadorka

Špela Bokal

Mountain Runner / Kinesiologist

Kinesiologist, who is mainly interested in exercise physiology and endurance sports. In her spare time, she is a mountain runner, touring skier and cyclist.