The Triglav Trail Run is much more than just running around Mount Triglav and Julian Alps. It is a gathering of people, united by a passion for finding fresh content and new experiences. We are here to create stories, both for experienced and for all those who have just put their running shoes on for the first time, mountaineers, nature lovers. Triglav Trail Run combines various trail running and mountaineering contents and events that inspire and unite runners. We can proudly say that it is not the biggest trail running festival, but it surely is the most beautiful one.

Trail Running Holiday in Julian Alps
Julian Alps Trail Running Holiday
Slovenia Mountain - Trail Running Paradise
triglav park trail running

Trail Running and mountaineering is about community, it’s about friendship and our mission is to create a personal and intimate experience. This is the story of runners who have mountains in their blood, living for those devilly good times on the trails, up in the mountains, away from the worries of everyday life.

The Festival

The Triglav Trail Run Festival is a trail running and athletic mountaineering festival in Slovenia, which takes place in Mojstrana from the 23rd to the 25th of August, 2024. Using our wealth of experience as runners and mountaineers as well as marketing and tourism experts, we have created an event in the form of a three-day festival. Our inspiration are the finest festivals that take place in the Julian Alps. 

  • Location: Mojstrana, Slovenia
  • Venue: Slovenian Alpine Museum
  • Date: 23rd – 25th of August, 2024.

Festival Content

  • Triglav Trail Run | 78 km, +4.450m | Saturday, August 24th
  • Triglav Lakes Run | 44,5 km, +2.600m | Saturday, August 24th
  • Vrata Valley Race | 26 km, +1.350m | Saturday, August 24th
  • Slovenian Alpine Museum Run | 14 km, +480m | Saturday, August 24th
  • LUMAR Family and Kids Trail Running Race | Saturday, August 24th
  • Expo on 500 m2 surface area | Saturday, August 24th
  • Mountaineering activities | Saturday, August 24th
  • Culinary moments #tasteslovenia | Saturday, August 24th
  • Yoga and Wellbeing program by the Triglavska Bistrica river | Saturday, August 24th

Why Triglav Trail Run?

The Spirit of Mountain Running

Athletic mountaineering and trail running is about community and about friendship. Triglav Trail Run festival is not just a race, it means above all the love of running and good socializing.

Best of Trail Running

Triglav Trail Run is the best thing that a running enthusiast searches for. It is a combination of excellent trails and marvelous natural surroundings.

A Simple Story

Triglav Trail Run is not a story of a grand financial investment and a search of opportunities. It is a simple idea of running enthusiasts, mountaineers who wish to meet other like-minded people and share the experiences.

Our Passion

At Triglav Trail Run, we are fascinated with local characteristics and pure nature. We inspire you to feel the nature and live moments with us to the fullest through running adventures and festival experiences. Our festival is an opportunity to refresh your perception of the amazing world of Julian Alps and connect with other people.

We are committed to creating unique stories, successful trail running and mountaineering events. We are simply here to share with you our love of most amazing areas for trail runners. Our passion is creating epic running adventures. Welcome to join us in the Julian Alps!


Matey Mejovsek, festival creator

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